Patches of Green has enjoyed being a distributor of Ladbrooke soil blocking tools in the US for the past decade. From the moment we saw these amazing gardening tools, we wanted to be part of what they are about, a healthier and more sustainable way to start your seeds. It has been an amazing journey watching as gardeners across the country have been introduced to these sturdy hand made soil blocking tools from England. We are the seller of Ladbrooke soil blockers on Amazon.com.

It has been our joy to support the soil blocking movement in the US, and also to work with the “sisters”, as we call them. Ladbrooke is a family-owned business in England. They have remained committed to producing consistently high-quality seed germination tools over the years, and in providing a high level of customer service to all who buy these tools.

Over the years we have sold other lines of soil blockers that could be considered ‘garden to table’. As the Ladbrooke business has grown, distributing soil blocking tools has become our main focus.

We also sell a line of gift sets of seeds by another excellent family-owned and operated business, Botanical Interests, based in Colorado. We sell a number of these themed sets of seeds with gift boxes on Amazon.

Finally, some of our roots developed in the soil industry, where we learned the great benefits of using volcanic pumice as a soil additive. We are based in Oregon, one of the few states where volcanic pumice is available, mined near the Cascade mountain range.

The Patches of Green tagline, ‘The Ecological Store’, is near and dear to us. We have kept our business close to indoor and outdoor gardening, and are always keeping our minds, eyes, ears, and hearts open for great ideas that assure the environment is considered in our activities and decisions.