Soil Blocks Provide An Ideal Germination Environment

10th Jul 2023

Ideal for nurseries and home gardening, the Ladbrooke line of soil blockers provide you with the perfect germination environment for your seeds, whether in a greenhouse, windowsill, or other growing environment. Along with regular watering and simple fertilization, seeds and plants are given conditions that are seldom matched by the weather and soil of the garden. So, you’ll enjoy more reliable results, faster early growth, and the ability to transplant outdoors much sooner.

The success of any seedling can be marred by transplanting. The roots of transplants raised in a large seedling tray twine together so when the plants are separated may of these roots are damaged, reducing water intake and halting the head start gained indoors. The same is true of peat pots, rough sided pots, and plastic molded seeding cells.

In contrast, the roots in soil blocks grow to the edge of the block and turn back inwards, avoiding the surface and concentrating the root mass in the center. Hence, there is no ‘shock’ when the plant is set out and the roots can adapt to their new environment more readily whether from soil block to soil block adapt to their new environment more readily, whether from soil block to soil block or soil block to garden.

Ingenious Transplanting System

Seeds may be germinated in 3/4” Micro 20 soil blocks and later transplanted to 2” Mini 4, Multi 6, or Multi 12 soil blocks, given the receiving blockers are fit with inserts. The same applies to transplanting from Mini 4, Mini 5, or Multi 6 blocks into 4” Maxi soil blocks. The advantages of this unique “nesting” system are you will use less space and need to heat less mass during the germination stage.


When transplanting to the garden, water the soil block and set into a hole a little larger than the block itself. Press soil around the block. If the ground is moist, watering should not be required. Otherwise water as necessary. No hardening off is needed either because the root ball always remains intact.

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