7th Jul 2023

When it comes to planting our vegetable or flower seeds, more often than not, it is a plastic pot that we would reach for. Our greenhouses and gardens are full of these non-environmentally friendly, often single use, products. But what if they could easily be replaced with reusable planting trays and a few innovative gardening tools? Let us tell you all about Soil Blockers. 

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Ladbrooke Soil Blockers are innovative and environmentally friendly gardening tools. The Ladbrooke Soil Blocker range has been developed to provide a simple and more effective method for planting, with an inspired approach to potting on that provides users with a high quality and quantity yield. 

How Do Soil Blockers Work?

In a nutshell, you select your Soil Blocker based on the size of your seed, and create soil blocks using a compost of your choice (although we have a few tried and tested recipes that you can find here). Each soil block is created with an indent in the top of the block to house your seed, the roots of which will grow down into the block and can then be transplanted into the next block up or directly into the garden. There’s no need to remove the plant from the block, or for pricking out – you simply pick up your block and place it into its next home.

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