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Garden Pumice Rock - 3.5 GAL (14 QT)

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3.5 Gal (14 Qt) Volcanic Pumice Garden Rock and Soil Amendment

  • Patches of Green Garden Pumice Rock is an excellent, all-purpose soil amendment.
  • Pumice is a natural volcanic rock, perfect for use in indoor or outdoor containers, garden beds, raised beds, and hanging baskets.
  • Pumice may be added to all types of garden soils, potting soils, or planting mixes.
  • It is lightweight, porous, natural, and durable.
  • 3/8" minus – screened to 3/8” and smaller pieces
  • Pumice is course and is not considered a decorative rock; however, it is widely used for topping succulents and bonsai plantings.  
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Patches of Green Garden Pumice Rock is preferred choice among seasoned gardeners. Pumice as a soil amendment can help aerate the soil, provide more room for roots to grow, and even absorb and hold moisture in the soil longer.


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