'Mini 4' 2-Inch 4-Cell Soil Blocker by Ladbrooke

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Ladbrooke 'Mini 4' 2-Inch 4-Cell Soil Blocker, Made in England

  • The popular Ladbrooke Soil Blocker Mini 4 hand-held soil blocker makes four 2” soil blocks.
  • It comes with a set of four 3/8" seed pins, which must be inserted and make a pre-formed seed dimple on the top of each of the soil blocks.
  • It is part of the unique Ladbrooke Micro 20/Mini 4/Maxi “nesting system" of making soil blocks.
  • Soil blocks offer a perfect way to start and germinate seeds as they promote healthy root growth and eliminate root bounding that occurs in plastic planting pots.
  • Easy to use and a great gift for novice or experienced gardeners.
  • Ladbrooke soil blockers are environmentally sustainable products that reduce the use of plastic pots for starting and germinating seeds.
  • Ladbrooke Soil Blocker quality is durable and will last for many years!
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The Mini 4 soil blocker is the most popular and versatile of the Ladbrooke soil blockers. It produces four 2-inch soil blocks, each with a pre-formed seed dimple on the top.  When fit with cubic inserts, Mini 4 soil blocks will have a square indentation to receive Micro 20 soil blocks. Potting soil is compressed wet into the soil block mold and then discharged into a tray with the ejection handle. Very simple to use and handle. Soil blockers make a "pot-less" pot, can be used for all seeds, and are great to use for plant cuttings as well. With soil blocks, roots are air-pruned and transplant shock, stunting and slow-growth are greatly reduced.

Soil blocks also provide a high rate of seed germination. Ladbrooke tools are used worldwide for making soil blocks, successfully starting and germinating seeds of all kinds, and are eco friendly. You can help reduce global waste by using organic gardening tools such as Ladbrooke Soil Blockers. Ladbrooke hand tools work great for the novice as well as the experienced gardener.

These are utilitarian, hand-made gardening tools, made of robust zinc-plated steel construction. Cosmetic blemishes and water bathing marks made during manufacturing are natural, and in no way alter the functionality of the tool. 

Please note that 3/8" Seed Pins are included with the Mini 4, but Cubic Inserts and 7/8" Dowel Pins are sold separately.


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2 Reviews

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    Better Than Pots! Highly Recommend

    Published by Valerie on 9th Jan 2022

    I used the Mini-4 last season to start heirloom pole beans and had great success. Of special concern were 8 imported bean seeds that would be difficult to replace. 'Everyone knows' that beans resent being transplanted; not so with Ladbrooke Soil Blockers! My transplants didn't miss a beat. These are so well made -- I just can't say enough good things about them!

  • 4
    Well made

    Published by George Caruso on 27th Jan 2020

    I had previously used small plastic trays for starting all of my flower and vegetable seeds. I am looking forward to using the mini blocker for the smaller seeds this spring. Transplanting the seedlings should be less disturbing to them.

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