Soil Blocker by Ladbrooke - Micro 20' 3/4" 20-Cell

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Ladbrooke 'Micro 20' 3/4" 20-Cell Soil Blocker, Made in England

  • The Micro 20 soil blocker makes very small 3/4" soil blocks for small seeds and requires using a fine soil blocking mix without rocks and twigs. 
  • The Micro 20 creates twenty blocks of soil for seed germination and transplanting that are each 3/4" x 3/4" x 3/4", each with a pre-formed dimple on top and used for smaller seeds.
  • It is part of the unique Ladbrooke Micro 20/Mini 4/Maxi “nesting system" of making soil blocks.
  • Seedlings started in the Micro 20 can be transplanted into Mini 4, Multi 6 or Multi 12 soil blocks, when these tools are fitted with Cubic Inserts.
  • Now a standard among many organic gardeners and farmers, soil blockers are an ingenious way to start seeds. Soil blockers compress the growing medium to form blocks that are placed in trays and hold their shape. Seeds are placed directly into the soil blocks. Once plants germinate, the soil blocks can then be placed directly into the soil.
  • Soil blocks offer an excellent growing method and provide a high rate of seed germination. Soil blocking mix is compressed wet into the soil blocker, then discharged into a tray with the ejection handle. Soil blocking reduces the likelihood of plants becoming rootbound, as the air between the soil blocks air-prunes the roots.
  • Soil blocking offers an eco-friendly system that eliminates the need for using plastic seed starting trays, and buying, storing and sanitizing plastic pots. Soil blockers make a "pot-less" pot, and can be used for all seeds, and are great to use for cuttings as well.
  •  The Micro 20 is made of zinc-coated steel and the bottom waffle is a durable plastic.  
  • Made in England for over 60 years.
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